a feature film by Emilie Dubois and Myriam Dupuis

In a dilapidated suburb, two teenagers from the City of Lights are attacked by a mysterious enemy. A survivor agonizes at the hospital, badly wounded. Abdou, 13 years old, can’t be found.
Souleymane, 20 years old, brilliant student in Paris, and his sister Mariam who still lives in the City, start to search their little brother, accompanied by Hakim, an old dealer friend of Mariam. Facing the incapacity of the police, the trio will do anything to find Abdou.
Their investigation will lead us in the depths of the underground in which is built the City.

Emilie Dubois and Myriam Dupuis
Graduated from the ENS Louis Lumière in 2007, Emilie Dubois is at first post-production director, then producer on more than forty short-movies today.

Graduated from 3IS, Myriam Dupuis is at first a reader then she co-writes two short-movies. Her long-movie An Oath gets the Help for the Writing from the Ile-de-France and she co-writes two others long-movies in development (Same Player, Origine Films). In 2018, she integrates the Scenario Workshop of la Fémis to develop a genre long-movie.


Written and directed by : Emilie Dubois and Myriam Dupuis
Production : Olivier Berlemont and Emilie Dubois (Origine Films)