a film by Mirko Genduso

The wheat fields of Sicily are set ablaze. Ino is a farmer who lives in the shade of a giant wind turbine, facing the disease of his father, a man attached on a ventilation machine, whose last desire is to escape from stillness and reconcile with his past life. Ino will not resign himself to his father’s choice. While earth around him is slowly burning, he will try to defend the world he has built for his father, until the day the fire arrives in his land; fires that may be no longer destructive, but liberating.

Mirko Genduso
Mirko Genduso studied music and architecture in Palermo, where he is still based. He graduated in filmmaking at Scuola Holden in Turin and then worked in the school’s Masterclasses. He is currently the assistant director of directorial duo Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza. In 2017 Mirko directed, edited and scored four out of seven short documentaries opening the Gran Paradiso Film Festival, in a collaboration between Scuola Holden and Fondation Gran Paradis. He then worked for various Italian feature films and television series as assistant director. Fires will be his first short film to be set in Sicily, his homeland.


Written and directed by: Mirko Genduso
Production: Olivier Berlemont et Emilie Dubois (Origine Films) & Franco Dipietro et Emanuela Barbano (Duel:Film)