Whatever it takes

a film by Pierre Amstutz Roch

Stéphane, jobless for a while, is willing to do anything to get a new job. Including killing his main rival ! He and his wife and accomplice Fiona, hatch an evil plan. Walkie-talkies, hoods, poison, they are ready : they are going to kill Marc. But that is without counting on misfortune, and especially the mind-blowing clumsiness of those rank amateurs.

Pierre Amstutz-Roch
Born in 1989 from a Swiss mother and a Franco-Swiss father, Pierre is a native-born Genevan man. He arrives in Paris when he’s 18 years-old and starts studying in a film school called l’EICAR. In 2011, with a Fine Arts Bachelor degree in hand, he works on many projects as a freelance, an assistant director and in production. Thanks to all those experiences, both in short and feature films, in TV, in commercials, in video clips and in WEB projects for major companies such as Lagardère, Time Warner and more recently Canal +, Pierre acquires all the abilities which allow him in 2013 to direct his own short film called To Be Delivered entirely shot in Los Angeles. This 17 minute-long film is currently travelling all around the world and has already been selected in more than twenty festivals, winning several awards like the one for Best International Film at the Los Angeles Movie Awards 2018 and the France Télévisions Award at the 29th edition of the Festival Européen Du Film Court de Brest. This includes the purchase and the screening of the short-film on the TV channel France 2 in 2015. The film was also bought by the group « Mediaset », the leading television group in Italy. Pierre’s last short film, Life Saver is among the four finalists selected over 1200 films at the last edition of « Nikon Film Festival ». Whatever it takes is his new short film.

Awards :
Best Film Award - Short to the Point February 2019 (Bucharest, Romania)
Prix du Public - Festival du court métrage de Fréjus (France)
3rd place in Most Popular Film category - World of Dark Comedy 2 (Australia)
2nd in Best Film category - World of Dark Comedy 2 (Australia)

Festivals :
FILMETS Badalona Film Festival (Badalona, Spain) - in competition
Les Hérault du Cinema et de la Télévision (Cap d’Adge, France) - in competition
A World of Dark Comedy Film Festival (Hamilton Hill, Australie) - en compétition
CineGlobe Festival (Geneva, Switzerland) - in competition
ShortCup Film Festival (Brazil) - in competition
Calzada de Calatrava Festival (Spain) - in competition
Madrid Film Festival FCM-PNR (Spain) - in competition
Meudon’s Humor Short Film Festival (France) - in competition
Sacramento French Film Festival (Sacramento, USA) - in competition
Funcinema Festival (Mar del Plata, Argentina) - in competition
Rabat Comedy International Film Festival (Morocco) - in competition
Les Avant-Premières de Cosne-Sur-Loire (France) - in competition
Film Festival Les Courts du Vendredi Soir (France) - in competition
Short to the Point (Bucharest, Roumania) - in competition
Short Form - International Short Film Festival (Serbia) - in competition
Certamen El Pecado (Spain) - in competition
Postira Seaside Film Festival (Croatia) - in competition
Festival des Anges (France) - in competition
West Nordic International Film Festival (Norway) - in competition
Festival Eurydice du court-métrage (France) - in competition
Portland Comedy Film Festival (USA) - in competition
SMR13 Film Festival (France) - in competition
Festival International du Film de Comédie de Liège (Belgium) - in competition
Curtas Film Fest (Spain) - in competition
FICVI Festival de Internacional de Curtmetratges Vila-Seca (Espagne) - in competition
Enkarzine (Spain) - in competition
The Atlanta Comedy Film Festival (USA) - in competition
Festival International du Film de Comédie de l’Alpe d’Huez - in competition
Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival (Australia) - in competition
Harrogate Film Festival (UK) - in compétition
International Amity Film Festival (Turkey) - in competition
Planos Film Festival (Portugal) - in competition
Festival des 24 Courts (France) - in competition
CinéM.A.35 en Fête (France) - in competition
Palm Springs International Comedy Festival (USA) - in competition
Rencontres du Cinéma de Beaurepaire (France) - in competition
Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes La Cruz y el Mar (Venezuela) - in competition
Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival (USA) - in competition
Festival du Film Court de Saint-Pierre (France) - in competition


Cast : Lionel Abelanski, Phillipe Duquesne, David Salles, Camille Japy, François Nadin, Jacqueline Corado, Isabelle Caillat
Directed by : Pierre Amstutz Roch
Written by : Pierre Amstutz Roch
Director Assistant : Matthias Castegnaro
Cinematography : Mathias Zivanovic
Sound : Masaki Hatsui
Production Manager : Guillaume Rizo
Production : Olivier Berlemont, Emilie Dubois (Origine Films - France), Emmanuel Gétaz (Dreampixies - Suisse), Christophe Thiery, Lionel Dray (HRCLS - France)
Make up : Marie Goetgheluck
Costumes : Natalie van der Meulen
Production Design : Clémence Hamel
Editor : Denis Camelin
Sound Editor : Etienne Curchod
Mix : Etienne Curchod
Music : Maxime Hervé
Partners & Supports
Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée - Aide au programme
France 2 and France TV
SACEM in partnership with Alcimé (Festival International du Film d’Aubagne)
Procirep and Angoa-Agicoa
Loterie Romande
Soutien de l’Adami
Direction des acquisitions - Pôle Court-Métrage - Christophe Taudière
ISAN IN DEV : 0000-0004-5425-0000-Z-0000- 0000-6
VISA : 148 392