Ride Sally Ride

a film by Julien Hosmalin

A few months after their breakup, Samuel has agreed to meet Alice on a diner’s parking lot to pick up the last of his stuff. An unexpected confession disrupts their tense reunion. Between love revival and ghosts from the past, where does this night will lead them?

Julien Hosmalin
Julien Hosmalin is a young french director.
Right before his Cinéma licence Julien is noticed in his first project with the student movie ’Thalis’ that won the owner price of the city of Nice.
At the end of his studies in 2008 Julien moves to Paris to work in the report industry working as a cameraman-fitter for channels as famous as AL-JAZEERA and EL-ARABYA. He covers for both channels numerous subjects in geopolitics between Europe and Eastern countries. In 2011 he moves to the music industry where he makes a music clip in the form of a short film for distribution by Universal Music. His narrative universe is then spotted by a record company giving him the opportunity to realize many higly acclaimed clips in the French music landscape during the following three years. At the beginning of 2014, after many projects he produced "Monsieur tout le monde" with Kyan Khojandi that will combine over two million views in less than a week. He then directed his first film in summer 2014, by the name of "Magic World", today selected in several festivals around the world.
In March 2016, he directed for Same Player his first series’s pilot "Lead Me Home" and end his second short film "Ride Sally Ride" . He is actually developing "Ferris Wheel", his first feature film.

Festivals :
"Paris Courts Devant" Short film festival - "Ça Tourne en Ile-de-France" - in competition
West Nordic International Film Festival (Alesund,Norway) - in competition
European Film Festival of Lille (France) - in competition
Muestra Internacional de Cine de Palencia (Spain) - in competition
Lussac Short Film festival 2018 - in competition
Leiden International Short Film Festival (Switzerland) - in competition
Festival Internacional de Cine Bajo la Luna Islantilla Cinefòrum (Spain) - in competition
Norman Film Fest (Grimstad, USA) - in competition
Los Angeles CineFest (Los Angeles, USA) - semi-finalist
_Festival 24 Courts (France) - in competition


With: Garance Thenault, Benjamin Ramon, Pascal Elso
Directed by : Julien Hosmalin
Script : Julien Hosmalin et Myriam Dupuis
Production : Emilie Dubois & Olivier Berlemont - Origine films, Nicolas George - Les Films du Carré
Assistant Director: Olbek Martel
Cinematographer : Bertrand Marin
Sound : Marie Paulus
Key light : Mathieu Morhain
Set decorator : Clémence Hamel
Make-up - costume: Sarah Pariset
Original music : Julien Morin
With the support of CNC - Aide au programme

ISAN : 0000-0004-2A14-0000-F-0000-0000-T
VISA : 144 463