a film by Rémy Rondeau

Anna is a young aspiring actress. Living in a small and old apartment in the projects and failing all her castings next to more talented young girls, she dreams of being someone else and living another life. During a movie casting, she steals an expensive purse belonging to one of the contestants. Inside of it, she finds a letter informing its rightful owner that her biological parents have revealed their identities.
This is the opportunity for Anna to play a role hopefully rewarded with a cash prize.
Unfortunately for Anna, she is going to learn the hard way that it is dangerous to play with someone else’s identity.

Rémy Rondeau
After graduating from ESRA (French High School of Film Directing) where he directed 3 short student films, Rémy Rondeau began working as a lighting engineer on short and feature films such as "Un Poison violent" by Katell Quillévéré (Cannes 2010) and "La Conquête" by Xavier Durringer (Cannes 2011). His various work experiences have artistically and technically broadened his filming knowledge. At the same time, Rondeau wrote the screenplay of the feature film "Dawn of the Old Men," which was selected at the PITCH in the Henry Langlois international Film Festival for its original and off-the-wall universe.
He directed his first short film "Puzzle" in 2014 both as writer and director, and "The leaves picker" in 2016 and finally "I love Eva Marsh" in 2017.
Thanks to his thirteen years in the Conservatory of Music and his mastery of various instruments (such as clarinet, piano, guitar and accordion), he also composed the score of several short films, including his.

Best Actress-Solène Rigot - Maniatic International Film Festival (Spain)

DC Shorts Film Festival (USA) - in competition
Festival du film insolite de Rennes le château (France) - in competition
Maniatic Film Festival (Spain) - in competition
Kutaisi International Short Film Festival (Georgia) - in competition
Reggio Film Festival (Italy) - in competition
Paris Courts Devant - out of competition
Lund Fantastic Film Festival (Sweden) - in competition
South African HorrorFest Film Festival (South Africa) - in competition
Court d’Art District Festival (France) - in competition
Moulins d’Or Festival (France) - in competition
Tous Courts Festival - International Short Film Festival (France) - in competition
Filmmaker Day (Italy) - in competition
Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes La Cruz y El Mar (Venezuela) - in competition
Love your shorts Film Festival (USA) - in competition
MECAL - Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival (Spain) - in competition


Written and directed by: Rémy Rondeau
With : Thierry Frémont, Solène Rigot, Manon Klein, Alexis Baginama
Production : Olivier Berlemont & Emilie Dubois (Origine Films), Ron Dyens (Sacrebleu Productions)
Scenario : Rémy Rondeau
Director of photography : Guillaume Le Grontec
Assistant DOP : Stella Libert
Assistant director : Claire Dietrich
Sound : Guilhem Domercq
Make up : Sarah Pariset
Costume headdress : Natalie Van Der Meulen
Editing : Pauline Pallier
Sound editing : Rémi Durel
Music : Arthur Doué
Mix : Julie Tribout
Partners and supports : CNC Aide au programme, Adami, Procirep Angoa-Agicoa
ISAN IN DEV : 0000-0004-5423-0000-P-0000-0000-0