My Sister

A film by Philippe Larue

10 min - France - 2014

While Sarah is actively preparing for the party she decided to arrange for her father’s retirement, she calls her younger sister - Zoe - so she comes to give her a hand. An opportunity for Sarah to see her little sister. Very hesitant at the beginning, Zoe is persuaded to come, not really having the choice. The preparation, which started rather well, soon transforms into a bitter fight.

Philippe Larue
Philippe Larue is a director and scriptwriter. In 2012, he co-directed the feature film “30° Couleur” with Lucien Jean-Baptiste. He directed 5 short films and works as First Assistant director for feature films

Festivals & Awards:
Festival International Écran Libre (Aigues Mortes-France)
Fontainebleau Film Festival (France)
Festival un poing c’est court de Vaulx-en-velin (France)
Festival Cinéma35 (France)
Festival Cluj shorts (Romania)
Quintessence International Film Festival of Ouidah (Benin)
Kinofest Romania (out of competition, world panorama)
Côté Courts en Val d’Oise 2017 (France) - in competition
12 months - in competition


Director: Philippe Larue
Producers: Elodie Godart, Isabelle Lauriou, Olivier Berlemont, Emilie Dubois, Marie-Hélène Aubert, Laurent Héritier
Cast: Elodie Godart & Isabelle Lauriou
Screenplay: Elodie Godart & Isabelle Lauriou
Director Of Photography: Laurent Héritier
Assistant Director Of Photography: Fanny Coustenoble & Marie Gaborit
Art Director: Marc Orly
Wardrobe Master: Laurence Benoît
Picture Editor: Elisa Aboulker
Sound Editor: Amaury de Nexon
Mix: Olivier Dô Huu
Sound: Dominique Lacour
Original Music: Aymeric Ribot

VISA : 139 160
ISAN : 0000-0003-D079-0000-X-0000-0000-C