La Nuit Autour

a film by Benjamin Travade

11 min - 2014 - France

A young woman recalls an affair she recently had while her husband was away, travelling.

Benjamin Travade
After graduating from law, then cinema university in Paris, Benjamin started working as an independent photographer. Soon after, he started to shoot his first commissioned works, while developing his own personal work in both image and writing. "La Nuit Autour" is his first short film.

Awards and Festivals:
Special jury mention at International film festival in Abitbi-Témiscamingue Rouyn-Noranda (Quebec, Canada)
Jury Award at L’Embobiné (Mâcon, France)
Unifrance films award at Off courts Trouville 2014 (Trouville, France)
International short film festival Aubagne 2015 (Aubagne, France)
Le cinéma français aujourd’hui au Kazakhstan (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
Coté Court Pantin 2015 Film Festival (Pantin, France)
Festival Européen du Film Court de Brest (Brest, France)
PEEPING Shnit 2015 (hors compétition) - Shnit International Shortfilm festival 2015 (Bern, Suisse)
Paris Courts Devant Film Festival - compétition régionale "Ca tourne en Ile-de-France"
Golden sun short film festival in Malta - in competition
17th Landshut short film festival (Landshut, Germany) - in competition
Fish and chips film festival (Torino, Italy)
Séquence Court Métrage - out of competition
Regensburg international film festival (Regensburg, Germany) - in competition
Next international film festival (Bucharest, Romania) - out of competition
Leben film festival (Ilmenau, Germany) - in competition


Directed by: Benjamin Travade
Cast: Erika Sainte
Director of Photography: Benjamin Travade
Camera Operator: Thibault Della Gaspera
Make-up: Alexandra Leforestier
Sound: Guillaume Gallois, Stéphane Gessat
Location Manager: Pierre-Alain Toulouse
Editing: Julie Duclaux, Benjamin Travade
Mix Emmanuel Bonnat
Original Score: Stéphane Tsapis
ISAN : 0000-0003-D37C-0000-Y-0000-0000-9
VISA : 141 163