The Greenberry Method

a film by Baptiste Bertheuil

15 minutes - 2016 - France - dramedy

When Sophie goes to  a job interview at Spencer and Jacobs, she does not suspect the weird recruitment method used by the company: the candidate has to overcome the recruiter at a game chosen at random. This is the Greenberry Method.

Baptiste Bertheuil
Born in 1988, Baptiste Bertheuil graduated from his film school ESRA in 2010. Since then he has directed many Institutional and event films.
 ALL-IN, his first short film, was a success in both festivals and TV.

Awards and Festivals
Audience award at Festival Traversées Pêcheurs d’Images (France)
Best script in Cluj shorts (Romania)
Best actress in Festival Les Clayes du cinéma (France)
TVFIL 78 Award in Festival Les Clayes du cinéma (France)
Casino SQPX Award - Best actress 2015 (ex-aequo) in Festival du film court Paul Simon
CNT Award - Best original script 2016 in Festival du film court Paul Simon
Special mention for the actors Edith Proust and Pierre Samuel in the Tangier International Film Festival (Morocco)
First Price at Maipu Cortos - Festival de Cine de Humor (Argentina)
Audience Award, Hauts de Seine seance, ça tourne en Ile-De-France (France)
Best short film at XV Reggio Film Festival (Italy)
Best short movie - Festival International du Film de Comédie de Liège (Belgium)
Audience Award, Festival Les Petits Clap 2017 (France)
Jury Award, Festival Les Petits Clap 2017 (France)
2nd Price Audience Award in Ascona Film Festival 2017 (Switzerland)
Best actress at Festival Maffliers sur Court (France)
Best actor at Festival Maffliers sur Court (France)
Best short movie - ShortForm Film Festival (Serbia)
Best script original of Festival Visualízame Audiovisual y Mujer (Spain)

Cinéma 35 en fête (France) - in competition
Festival Coupé court (France) - in competition
Festival Courtes Bulles à Trouville et Deauville (France) - out of competition
Tripoli Film Festival (Lebanon) - in competition
Festival du film Rhônalpin à Sain-Bel (France) - in competition
Festitmage - Festival de la imatge de Calella (Spain)
Corti a ponte festival (Italy)
Aaretaler Kurzfilmfestival (Switzerland) - in competition
Eskişehir shortfest (Turquie) - internationale section not competitive
Festival Détours en cinécourt à Saint Geniès Bellevue (France)
FICT, Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Torrelavega (Spain) - in competition
XIV edition CinemadaMare (Italy) - in competition
Courts en Fête in Corsica (France) - in competition
Festival Alto Vicentino (Italy) - in competition
Sardinia Film Festival (Italy) - in competition
Tournez-Court (France) - out of competition
Maipu Cortos - Festival de Cine de Humor (Argentina) - in competition
Festival du Film Court de L’Isle-Adam (France) - in competition
Mizzica Film Fest (Italy) - in competition
Festival du Film de Saint-Paul-Trois-Chateaux (France) - out of competition
Festival de Cinéma de la Ville de Québec (Canada) - in competition
Courts en Champagne (France) - in competition
Amarcort Film Festival (Italy) - in competition
Ikuska - Muestra de cortometraje de Pasaia (Spain) - in competition
Festival Combat (France) - in international competition
Paris Courts Devant (France) - in competition
35 Short Film Festival Enkarzine (Spain) - in competition
Fest’Yves Arts Festival (France) - in competition
Karama Film Festival (Jordania)
28th Istanbul International Short Film Festival (Turkey) - out of competition
Festival International du Film d’Aubagne 2017 (France) - in competition ’Fiction’
CineGlobe 2017 (Switzerland) - in competition
Festival du court métrage de Vélizy Villacoublay (France) - in competition
Festival Tout Court (Italy) - out of competition
MovieScreen Festival (USA) - in competition
Fincortex – Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Experimentales (Colombia)
Corto Helvetico al Feminile - Women’s International Short Film Festival (Suisse) - in competition
Concours de Courts 2017 (Toulouse, France) - in competition
Pickurflick Film Festival (India) - in competition
Festival Cinéma en liberté ( Toulon, France)- in competition.
Festival CourtsCourts (Tourtour, France)-in competition
Festival Internacional de Cine de Calzada de Calatrava (Spain) - in competition
Motovun Film Festival (Croatia) - in competition
Certamen de Cortometrajes Plot-Point (Spain) - in competition
Festival of short films of Côte Bleue (France) - in competition
Barcelona Film Festival 2017 (Spain) - in competition
The 2017 Colchester Film Festival (UK) - in competition
Leon International Film Festival (Mexico) - In competition
Daroca y prision Film Fest (Spain) - in competition
Blue Danube festival (Austria) - in competition
Low Cost Film festival (USA) - in competition
White Whale Film Festival (USA) - in competition
Rencontres "Image in Cabestany" (France) - in compétition
The night of short film (France) - out of compétition
Festival Tournez Court (France) - out of compétition
Courts dans la forêt (France) - in compétition
Radio City (Spain) - in compétition
We film festival (Germany) - in compétition
Ibicine (Spain) - in compétition
El Festivalico Muestra de Cortometrajes y Vidarte (Spain) - in compétition
FEM Tour Truck (USA) - in compétition


Directed by: Baptiste Bertheuil
Produced by: Olivier Berlemont & Emilie Dubois
Cast: Edith Proust, Pierre Samuel, Fabrice Robert, Patrice Mercier
Screenplay: Baptiste Bertheuil
Assistant Director: Benjamin Pujol
Continuity: Cannelle Le Clainche
DoP: Yann Maritaud
Sound: Quentin Degy
Location Manager: Julien Chapeaucou
Art Director: Damien Sartran
Make-up: Marie Goethgeluck
Costumes: Alexandra Langlois
Editor: Marc Planeilles
Music: Romain Trouillet
Sound mix: Julie Tribout
Partners & Support
ISAN : 0000-0003-F8DE-0000-U-0000-0000-L
VISA : 143 364