Left Hit

a film by Alexandre Labarussiat

Valérie, a former high-level fencer, dedicates herself to training the young people of her club.
She invests a lot of hopes in Hicham, a 17-year-old with huge athletic potential, who lives in a foster home. Trough the years, she has developed a near maternal attachment for him.
As summer holidays arrive, Valerie learns that Hicham has decided to leave the club.

Alexandre Labarussiat
After a Master’s degree of cinema at the University of Paris 8 Saint-Denis and the directing of several self-produced short films, Alexandre Labarussiat directed La Ville est calme, released in 2012, freely inspired by a short story by Ray Bradbury (OCS broadcast, selections in Rhode Island, Strasbourg...).
Alexandre Labarussiat is currently working on his first feature film. His next short Hit on the Left is inspired by his years of fencing.The screenplay won the First Prize of the Eure Screenplay Contest and was also selected at the Talents en Courts.

Best International Fiction Short Film - FICCS Festival de Cine Cuenca del Salado (Argentina)
Best Short, Best Cinematography, Best original score and Best actress (Juliette Plumecocq-Mech) - Long Story Shorts Festival (Romania)

17th IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival (Varna, Bulgaria) - In competition
Festival Off-Courts of Trouville (Trouville, France) - Normandie section
Jean Carmet Film Festival (Moullins, France) - Best Upcoming Actor
Cinemed (Montpellier, France) - Panorama Courts-métrages
Edmonton Short Film Festival (Canada) - in competition
Moulins d’Or Festival (France) - in competition
Filmmaker Day (Italy) - in competition
Festival Eurydice (France) - out of competition
Education International Film Festival (France) - in competition
FICCS Festival de Cine Cuenca del Salado (Argentina) - in competition
Music & Cinema Aubagne International Film Festival - in competition
Festival Un poing c’est court! (France) - in competition
Festival de Courts Métrages de la côte bleue - in competition
Cinalfama International Film Awards (Portugal) - in competition
Comète Film Festival (France) - in competition
FilmFest Sundsvall (Sweden) - in competition
Long Story Shorts Festival (Romania) - in competition
8th International Film festival of the Blue Coast (France) - in competition
Festival Détours en cinécourt (France) - in competition
Pune Short Film Festival (India) - in competition
Figari Film Festival (Italie) - in competition
Sport Film Festival Rotterdam (Netherlands) - in competition
Kenya International Sports Film Festival (Kenya) - in competition
Enkarzine International Short Film Festival (Spain) - In competition
Oudeis International Film Festival (Italy) - in competition
Paris International Film Festival (France) - in competition
International Film Festival of Larissa (Greece) - in competition


Written & directed by: Alexandre Labarussiat
Produced by: Olivier Berlemont & Emilie Dubois (Origine Films), Laura Townsend (Coproduction La Ruche Productions), Théodore Sanchez-Wilsdorf (Les Films du Périscope)
Partners and Supports:
Département de l’Eure - 1er Prix du concours de scénario de l’Eure 2016
Région Normandie
Moulin d’Andé-CECI
Sabam for culture
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