A film by Anthony Lemaitre

12 min - France - 2014

Dorian, Yassine and Sofiène, three suburban young men, are chilling, as most of the time, in the district of Les Halles in Paris.
To kill time, Yassine tells the others about a murder having taken place just a step from here, in the Ferronnerie street. The murder would have been particularly dirty: the victim would be a good father, stabbed repeatedly, leaving behind him woman and children.
Sofiène, who didn’t hear about it, does not believe it. Dorian and Yassine decide to take him to the crime scene.

Anthony Lemaitre
Anthony Lemaitre is both actor and screenwriter. He recently directed the webseries "Authentik" with great success. "The Wigs Gang" has been made following the same intention: speaking about suburb with humour and a light-hearted and genuine approach. "Henri" follows up in the same spirit.

Second director of the month at 12 months (Romania) - in competition
Rencontres du cinéma européen de Vannes (France) - out of competition
L’embobiné, Macon (France) - in competition
Manlleu film festival (Spain) - in competition
17th Landshut short film festival (Germany) - in competition
Cluj shorts (Romania) - in competition
Nouveaux Cinemas, Festival International des cinémas numériques (France) - out of competition


Director: Anthony Lemaitre
Produit par : Olivier Berlemont & Emilie Dubois
Cast: Anthony Lemaitre, Halima Slimani, Ouissem Kazdar, Ichem Saibi
Screenplay: Anthony Lemaitre
Assistant Director: Emilie Rudel
Director Of Photgraphy: Pierre Baboin
Assistant Camera: Baptiste Brandily
Sound: César Mamoudy
Location Manager: Hugo Basquin
Make Up/Hairdresser: Stéphanie Ah-Fa
Editor: Benjamin Bassière
Original Music: Frédéric Alvarez
ISAN : 0000-0003-D37B-0000-T-0000-0000-O
VISA : 140 505