Directed By

A film by Alban Mench

19 minutes - France - 2012

Renowned arthouse filmmaker Arnaud Moser convinces a Z movie producer to let him direct his next slasher film. Arnaud hopes to get his ex girlfriend back, who’s the main actress of his films, but dreams to play in comedy and horror films.

But Arnaud can’t bear the view of the color red, which is a problem when he must film the first gore scene.


Fenêtre sur courts Avignon, 2013, en compétition
Next international film festival, Roumanie, 2013, hors compétition
Ozu film festival, Italie, 2013, en compétition
Reggio film festival, Italie, 2013, en compétition
Festival Quintessence à Ouidah (Bénin)
Festival le court nous tient


Director : Alban Mench
Producers: Olivier Berlemont, Jeanne Granveaud & Emilie Dubois
Cast : Julien Cottereau, Ophélia Kolb, Serge Lariviere, Jacques Bonnaffé, Denis Lavant
Screenplay : Alban Mench
Assistant Director : Brice Morin
Script : Camille Ganivet
Location Manager : Christophe Franquin
Director of Photography : Lionel Perrin
Editing : Pauline Pallier
Sound : Lucien Balibar
Art Director : Benjamin Lamps
Make Up : Laurence Berodot
Costumes : Hélène Delaporte
Partners & Supports :
CNC Aide au programme
Alcimé-Sacem Aide à la musique
ISAN : 0000-0002-84C9-0000-4-0000-0000-P
VISA : 131 242