a film by Jean-Benoit Ugeux

The son wrote a comic book about his childhood.
He sent it to his father who’s been living in the south for years.
But the father didn’t really care about reading that story where he is drawn naked in most panels.

Jean-Benoît Ugeux
Jean-Benoit Ugeux is a Belgian actor, director and screenwriter living in Brussels but very often on travel. He works mainly in broken and/or improvised films. He loves Johann Sebastian Bach a lot, eating pizzas and walking in the deeps woods. He often wears a beautiful mustache.

Best Acting Award - Cinalfama International Film Award (Portugal)
Prize of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation - Brussel Short Film Festival (Belgium)

Grand Prize - Carpentras Fait Son Cinéma (France)

13th Parish Festival of Independent Film (United States) - in competition
Festival International du Court Métrage de Clermont Ferrand (France) - in competition
Festival Côté Court de Pantin (France) - in competition
Festival Le Court en dit long (France) - in competition
Brussels Short Film Festival (Belgium) - in competition
Cinalfama International Film Awards (Portugal) - in competition
Festival Partie(s) de campagne (France) - in competition
Palm Springs International ShortFest (USA) - in competition
Un Festival C’est Trop Court 2021 (France) - in competition
Armagnac Short Film Festival (France) - In competition
Pune Short Film Festival (India) - in competition
Académie des César (France) - in competition
Sarlat Film Festival (France) - in competition
Saint Pierre Short Film Festival (France) - in competition
Jacksonville Film Festival (USA) - in competition
Festival Tous Courts d’Aix-en-Provence (France) - out of competition (Short Thérapie)
Shockfest Film Festival (USA) - in competition
Plein la Bobine (France) - in competition
Cine Fern Online Film Festival - in competition
Festival Corto de Ciudad Real (Espagne) - in competition
València Indie Film Festival - in competition


Written and directed by : Jean-Benoît Ugeux
Starring : Pierre Sartenaer, Douglas Grauwels
Production : Olivier Berlemont and Emilie Dubois (Origine Films), Jean-Benoît Ugeux (Apoptose)
Partners and supports CINEMAS93, created during "Carpentras fait son cinéma" with the support of the Festival and the city.