37°4 S

A film by Adriano Valerio


12 min - 2013 - France

Nowadays, in Tristan da Cunha. 270 people live on this small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
Nick and Anne, two teenagers, have known each other since they were born, and are lovers since childhood. But Anne has just made up her mind: she’s going to study in England, 6152 miles away from Tristan.

Adriano Valerio
Adriano Valerio was born in Italy in 1977.
After a BA in Law and film studies at Marco Bellocchio’s workshops, he moved to France and obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts at EICAR, The International Film School of Paris.
In 2004, he was appointed Assistant Professor of Nenad Didzarevic at EICAR, and is currently Head Professor of the Fast Track Section and Professor of Film Analysis. He is also a lecturer at the Istituto Marangoni (Paris), the Libanese Academy of Fine Arts (Beirut), and the IHB Artmedia (Casablanca).
He founded in 2012 the NGO Camera Mundi, which organizes film workshops in developing countries.
He is a Berlinale Talent Campus and a Locarno Film Academy 2012 alumni.
He lives in Paris and works as a freelance director and screenwriter.

CLAIRE (2004)

ORBITE (2009)

CURLING (2010)
37°4 S (2013)

Awards & Festivals
Second Actor of the month at 12th Month (Roumania)
Special Jury Mention - Cannes
Grand Prix du Jury - Festival of Mediterranean Short Film of Tangier (Morocco)
Professional Jury Prize - Art Court Vidéo
Special Jury Mention - Filmets Badalona
Best Screenplay - City of Soria International Short-Film Festival
Prix Courts du Sud - Festival des Arts du Sud
Best Short Film - Italian Film Festival of Madrid (Spain)
Special Jury Mention - Aguilar de Campoo Film Festival
Best Film - Corto Dorico Film Festival (Italy)
Critics Prize - Corto Dorico Film Festival (Italy)
Prix du Jury Technique - Mitreo Film festival (Italy)
Price of the Union of Critics - Nastro d’argento (Italy)
Best Film - European Short Film Festival from Reus (Spain)
Bigas Luna Price - European Short Film Festival from Reus (Spain)
Prix du Jury - Festival Clap89 (Sens, France)
Most popular short at EuroAsia shorts film festival in Washington DC (USA)
Prix du Jury Professionnel - Festival Toiles de Mer de Lanton (France)
Menzione Speciale I Mestieri del Cinema - Bologna (Italy)
Students Award - Pêcheurs d’images - Mediterranean Film Weeks of Lunel Country (France)
Special Mention - Colcoa (Los Angeles)
Best Short Film - David di Donatello
Best European Short Film - Reus European Short Film Festival (Spain)
Special Mention - Huesca International Film Festival (Spain)
Special Mention - Lago Film Festival (Italy)
Special Mention - Molise Cinema (Italy)
First Price - Un Mare di Cinema (Italy)
Special Jury Mention - XXVI° Fano International Film Festival 2014 (Italy)
Best Film and audience award - Cesate short film festival (Italy)
Audience award - Biennale Martelive (Italy)
Winner of national competition Taranto in short (Italy)
Special Mention from Amiens women’s penitentiary - international film festival of Amiens (France)
Best Film Exground Film Festival (Germany)
Third price Europe Unlimited Berlin (Germany)
Best director Asti film festival (Italy)
Special Jury Mention Miami short film festival (USA)
Best Film Lecce film festival (Italy)
Best Film Shortscapes - Lake Como Film Festival (Italy)
Special Mention “sea that divides, sea that joint” - Corto Splash Festival (Italy)
Best Director - Toko Film Festival (Italy)

Cabourg Film Festival (France)
Sao Paulo Film Festival (Brazil)
Montréal - Films du Monde (Quebec)
Golden Diana Film Festival (Austria)
BIEFF - Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival (Romania)
Lille International Short Film Festival - La Compèt’ de l’Hybride (France)
Tournez Court Film Festival (France)
Les Accroches Coeurs Festival (France)
Brest European Short Film Festival (France)
European Film Festival in Essonne (France)
Du Grain à Démoudre Film Festival (France)
Skyline Indie Film Festival (USA)
Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (USA)
Kaohsiung Film Festival (Taiwan)
Tous Écrans - Geneva International Film Festival (Italy)
Tofifest (Poland)
24fps International Short Film Festival (USA)
Jaipur International Film Festival-JIFF 2014 (India)
Brisbane Film Festival (Australia)
Rio de Janeiro - Curta Cinema (Brazil)
Internationales Filmfest Braunschweig (Germany)
Villeurbanne Film Festival (France)
Tous Courts Aix-en-Provence Film Festival (France)
Cinemaforum (Poland)
Vendôme Film Festival
Malatya International Film Festival (Turkey)
Istanbul Film Festival (Turkey)
Torino Film Festival (Italy)
Festival Images et lieux (Canada)
Festival Courts en Champagne (France)
Passaggi d’autore (Italy)
French Film Festival in the Czech Republic
Tübingen-Stuttgart International French-language Film Festival (Germany)
French Short Film Night
Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival (France)
Deboshir Film Festival (Russia)
Fest’YvesArts "Tremplins du court" (France)
International Film Festival of Aubagne (France)
Go Short - International Short Film Festival Nijmegen (Netherlands)
Visions Italienne (Bologne)
Mediawave Festival (Hungary)
IBAFF Film Festival (Spain)
Atlantic Film Festival for Youth (Nova Scotia)
Filmfs Dresden (Germany)
IndieLisboa Festival (Portugal)
Italian film festival (Portugal)
French Spring (Ukraine)
Beloit International Film Festival (USA)
FInternational Festival of Environmental Film (France)
Tripoli Film Festival (Lebanon)
Prague Short Film Festival (Czech Republic)
Los Angeles Film Festival (USA)
Kyiv International Short Film Festival (Ukraine)
Tracce Cinematografiche Film Fest (Italy)
Psarokokalo Festival (Greece)
Palm Springs International Film Festival (USA)
Contis International Film Festival
Mediterranean Film Festival Split (Croatia)
Maremetraggio International Short Film Festival (Italy)
Competition for Short Toulouse (France)
Green Film Festival (Seoul)
Étang d’Arts Short Film Competition - Marseille (France)
Italian Contemporary Film Festival
Italian Competition - Festival Corto in Bra (Italy)
Viewster Online Film Fest (Swiss)
Ciné Poème - Paris (France)
Lago Film Fest (Italy)
Sardinia Film Festival (Italy)
Bovino Independent Short Film Festival (Italy)
Cesate Short Film Fest (Italy)
Euganea Film Festival (Italy)
International Cinematographers Film Festival “MANAKI BROTHERS” (Republic of Macedonia)
Festival Internacional de Curtametraxes de Bueu (Spain)
Best of Festival - La Ciotat (France)
Concorto Film Festival (Italy)
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Taranto Film Festival (Italy)
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Festival de Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux (France)
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Fano International Film Festival (Italy)
Festival CineMigrante (Buenos Aires)
Sacramento French Film Festival
Festival Magma-mostra di cinema breve (Italy)
Film award Europe : Unlimited (Berlin)
Festival Festafilm in Montpellier (France)
Festival DocumentaMy (Varese, Italy)
Exground film festival (Germany)
IFAF - New italian films and art festival (South Korea)
WagFilmfestival (Italy)
Bolzano Short FilmsFestival (Italy)
Root Film Festival (Greece)
Hill Country Film Festival (USA)
L’Embobiné - Mâcon (France)
Lake Como Film Festival (Italy)
Miami Short Film Festival (USA)
FEST - New Directors New Films Festival - Espinho (Portugal)
Tempistretti - festival del cinema Corto e Indipendente - Settimo Milanese (Italy)
One­Reeler Short Film Competition - Los Angeles (USA)
Corto Splash - Festival Internazionale di Cortometraggi Spiaggiati (Italy)
Filmfest Eberswalde - Short film competition (Germany)
Kinofest, Romania (fiction competition)
Golden sun short film festival in Malta - in competition
Festival Off court Trouville (France) - out of competition / carte blanche
Reggio Film Festival (Italy) - retrospective
Community Cinema, Kommunales Kino, Freiburg (Germany) - out of competition


Directed by: Adriano Valerio
Cast: Riaan Repetto, Natalie Swain, Harold Green, Edwin Glass
Voice: Justin Green
Director of Photography: Adriano Valerio, Loran Bonnardot
Editing: Claire Aubinais
Sound design: Nathalie Lamothe
Sound mix: Julie Tribout
Original Music: Romain Trouillet
Music Mix: Rémi Barbot
Color Grading: Aline Conan
Partners and Supports:
Coproduction: Pianissimo
Canal +
Région Ile-de-France
Sacem (in association with Alcimé)
Tristan da Cunha Government
ISAN : 0000-0003-7B93-0000-N-0000-0000-5
VISA : 136 612
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