a film by Pierre Amstutz Roch

Tom is having a romantic evening with his mistress while his 8 years old daughter is sleeping upstairs. (...)

5min - 2020 - France


a film by Kim Westerlund

A man regains consciousness as he is being buried alive. Overwhelmed by panic he tries to force his way (...)

9 min - 2019 - Finland

The Night Is Young

a film by Oliver Mörk

Inside a nightclub, a shy young man gets advice from his friend on how to hook up with women. (...)

13min - 2020 - Sweden

Tinder Surprise

un film de Rodolphe Bouquet

Le premier et dernier date de Martin et Julia.

13min - 2019 - France

The Last Supper

a film by Mathilde Sereys

A very high class family is having christmas dinner in their very fine house in Paris. When the feast is (...)

7min - 2018 - France

Trauma Zero

a film dby Sarah Hansson

In the near future, a medical breakthrough enables doctors to erase traumatic memories and cure phobias. (...)

29min - 2019 - France

The Nanny

a film by Max Miller

A normal day for a nanny and her child carries a sense of unease, the hours unveiling a story of (...)

12 minutes - 2018 - Australia

Unknown Contact

a film by Silk Bistini

Sandra returns to her home in a quiet little suburb. While nothing else works at home, Sandra sees the (...)

16 minutes - 2018 - France


a film by Jérémy Brondoni

In a very near future, Zack is about to have a date with Lucie who he just met on Slick, a very peculiar (...)

19 minutes - 2016 - France


a film by Matthias Kreter

Daniel awakes, tied up in the trunk of a moving car. His kidnappers are only a few minutes away from (...)

13 minutes - 2016 - Germany

Remote Control

a film by Gauthier Battoue

6AM. Sophie takes a swig of Redbull as she stares at the screens lighting up the ground control station. (...)

15 minutes - 2017 - France

The Warehouse

a film by Stephen Bigot

Mary has gone missing for a few days. The young woman is slightly marginal, and this does not make things (...)

7 minutes - 2017 - France


a film by François Troukens

Following a failed hold-up, an experienced gangster takes charge of things and dictates the rules of the (...)

11 min - 2016 - Belgium

Black Ring

a film by Hasan Can Dağlı

A group of people organizes a special event in an abandoned mansion. Soon with the arrival of guests, (...)

15 minutes - 2016 - Turkey

The Elliott Waves

a film by Pascal Hintablian

The international bank IAB is strucked by the biggest fraud in its history. The trader Ivar Kreuger is (...)

21 min - 2016 - France


a film by Arnaud Gransagne

Daniel is a criminal who has served his prison sentence in silence. At his release, believing to take his (...)

14 min - 2017 - France


a film by Elie Chapuis

In a city, at night, a human-shaped deer tries to steal a man’s identity by taking his head (...)

7 min - 2013 - Switzerland / France

Story of a Job Interview

a film by Alkım Özmen

Erdem is a 35 years old journalist. He’s been unemployed for the last 15 months and he’s about to become a (...)

15 minutes - 2017 - Turkey / France


a film by Mathieu Mortelmans

Philippe works as a Judge at the criminal court. He has a complicated relationship with his son Hugues. (...)

31 min - 2016 - Belgium


a film by Daniel & Jared Daperis

When 24-year-old Shane is convinced to join his friend’s plan to steal from a nearby factory, things (...)

12 min - 2015 - Australia