Not Being

a film by Pooya Razi

In recent years in Iran, sociopolitical circumstances have increased the rate of emigration, making (...)

9 min - 2019 - France/Iran


a film by Léo Konnertha

In the midst of winter, a young Innu faces his daily hardwork in a sawmill. He decides to head to the (...)

12 minutes - 2018 - France


a film by Thomas Vernay

The wind blows, noises of armor resound. A knight escorts a young woman athwart plains. The thunder (...)

12 min - 2016 - France

Phantasms of the Living

a film by Jean-Sébastien Bernard

During an afternoon at the swimming pool, a young girl will live her first flirtation. An unexpected (...)

6 min - 2015 - France

Ferdinand Knapp

a film by Andrea Baldini

Ferdinand Knapp is the pre-eminent actor in French theatre, revered by all. While preparing for a new (...)

15 min - 2014 - France

Beach week

a film by David Raboy

Five friends rent the house that last year held fifteen. On the last day there, 20-year-old Natalie (...)

18 min - 2015 - USA

Sleeping song for 17 skyscrapers, 192 buildings and 13 851 inhabitants

a film by Antoine Janot

A composer chooses each note of her score to make the city fall asleep.

2min20 - 2014 - France

La Nuit Autour

a film by Benjamin Travade

A young woman recalls an affair she recently had while her husband was away, traveling.

11 min - 2014 - France

And Death Will Be Alright

a film by WeAreTrèsGentil

And death will be alright is a visual tale in three parts. Three sequences which answer to describe a (...)

7 min - 2012 - France

The Space Between Us

a film by Masa Neskovic

Hana is in her apartment, getting ready to leave. Her elusive lover is observing her. At times, they (...)

18 min - 2013 - Serbia


a film by Méryl Fortunat-Rossi

Eighteen months after having been severely gored, the legendary José Tomas Torero makes his big comeback (...)

12 min - 2012 - Belgium

Wahdon (Alone)

a film by Norma Marcos

At the border of a forest, a Lebanese poet gets a breath of fresh air on his terrace, as every evening. (...)

11 min - 2012 - France/Lebanon

The Great Rabbit

a film by Atsushi Wada

Once we called the noble, profound and mysterious existence The Great. We have moved with the time, our (...)

7 min - 2011 - France/Japan

Deep inside their pockets

a film by William Laboury

28 persons, from 19 to 26, gave me videos made with their phones. Those videos were useless. Hidden in (...)

6min - 2011 - France