The Van

a film by Erenik Beqiri

The Van finally stops, the doors open and Ben comes out alive. A few more fights and he will be able to (...)

15 min - 2019 - France / Albania

Better Men

a film by Guillaume Doucet

In a support group, Dave, a heavy-set man in his fifties, shares his story with difficulty. As he talks, (...)

11 min - 2020 - France


a film by Shady Srour

Ziad, a Palestinian day laborer, is denied entry into Israel for work that day. Not wanting to return (...)

16 min - 2019 - Israël/Palestine/Allemagne


a film by Tõnis Pill

When two strangers’ paths cross after a car accident, the woman hijacks the situation and gets into the (...)

15min - 2020 - Estonia

En Pointe

a film by Ulisse Lendaro

On a stage, in front of the committee from a prestigious French ballet academy, Camilla is troubled. She (...)

8min - 2020 - Italy

Casus Belli

a film by Richard Vandal

David, a young soldier is sent on a mission to a country at war. But what is the purpose of this (...)

20 min - 2018 - France

The Pianists

a film by Paul et François Guerin

Nathan is a young prodigy of seventeen, about to have a piano lesson. Emma, his teacher, is eight years (...)

13 min - 2019 - France


a film by Laurine Bauby

Malika is a surprising woman. This movie is inspired by one of her many stories...

3 min - 2019 - France


a film by Sharon Angelhart

Two BFF last night out and about before one of them enlisting in the army, Turns to a last journey of (...)

16 min - 2019 - Israel


a film by Jean-Benoît Ugeux

A father and his son haven’t seen each other much these last few years. Time has passed, and and it is (...)

28 min - 2019 - Belgium / France


a film by Martin Geisler

Tom, 20 and his friend Max, have opposing views on how to best approach a girl. At the gym, they come (...)

11 min - 2019 - France

Whatever it takes

a film by Pierre Amstutz Roch

Stéphane, jobless for a while, is willing to do anything to get a new job. Including killing his main (...)

15 minutes - 2019 - France / Switzerland


a film by Romain & Thibault Lafargue

In a police station, a man is waiting his turn. He seems nervous... but why ?

2 min - 2019 - France

Shot Fired

a film by Pierre André Gilard

At the end of a lunch in a big restaurant, a father talks to his son about education but this son does (...)

7 min - 2018 - France

I Am, We Will Be

a film by Guillaume Caramelle

Despite an undetectable viral load, Clemence, HIV positive, is apprehensive to make love with Arnaud (...)

3 min - 2019 - France

Letters to God

a film by Yves Cohen

Since his daughter’s death, Moshe lives alone rejecting his wife whom he blames for this tragedy. In order (...)

15 min - 2019 - France

(I Am) Unhappy

a film by Maria Castillejo Carmen

Cloé, a 10-year-old girl, asks herself questions about her situation, and tries to give meaning to her (...)

5 min - 2011 - Belgium


a film by Benoit Danguin and Maxime Lartigue

Back from work, Marie run over Georges, her children’s dog. Uncertain how tell the truth, she decides to (...)

13min, 2017, France, French

What Happened to Evie

a film by Kate Cheeseman

A girl’s fractured memories distort the truth of a sexual assault in this multi-layered (...)

11 minutes - 2017 - United-Kingdom


a film by Welby Ings

When the truth behind a family myth is exposed a young boy nds the strength to stand up for himself in an (...)

15 min - 2017 - New Zealand