The Zapperz

a film by Robin Barrière

If you knew what THEY do at home at night while you sleep ... These are "The Zapperz"! A short film which (...)

4 min - 2020 - France

Don’t Leave Me In The Shhh

a film by Robin Barrière et Benoît Nieto

In an effort to reduce sound pollution, the government has decided to instigate «mandatory quiet hours » (...)

8 min - 2019 - France

Mom’s Movie

a film by Stella Kyriakopoulos

While proudly filming her 2-year-old daughter’s survival swimming graduation exam in her backyard pool, (...)

13 min - 2019 - Greece/Spain

The Perfect Spot

a film by Laura Richard

Jean-François and Michel have very different points of view on nature. In fact, they weren’t made to tease (...)

17 min - 2019 - France


a film by Michiel Blanchart

The excessive nights, the good atmosphere and the camaraderie reign in the apartment of Gill, Rémi, Alwin (...)

15 min - 2019 - Belgique/France

Premium Baby

a film by Jeanne Signé

In the near future, a couple enters a specialty store to buy their first baby.

12 min - 2019 - France/Canada

I’ve Had Enough!

a film by John M. Keller

After quitting dramatically live on-air, Juliette, a French TV journalist, flees to the south of France (...)

25 min - 2018 - France

Room Service

a film by Arthur Jeanroy

Albert can’t take it anymore. In a hotel room, a gun to his temple, he counts down his last seconds. Just (...)

8 min - 2019 - France

The Set-Up

a film by Malika Pellicioli

Jacob returns home with one intention: to kill himself. Detached from the outside world behind thick (...)

14 min - 2019 - Switzerland

A Beautiful Smile

a film by Victor Cesca and Cédrick Spinassou

Clement has almost completed his resume. It only remains for him to put a beautiful photo of (...)

2 min - 2019 - France

Creole Balls

a film by Juan Vicente Manrique and Vittorio Dugarte Barbarito

Oscar and Paco live in a country where a fascist revolution has been imposed for the last 50 years (...)

12min - 2018 - Venezuela

There Is Someone At Home

a film by Laurent Firode

A couple thinks they are alone in their apartment while there is a surprise guest hiding (...)

10 min - 2019 - France

The Perfect Idea

a film by Laurent Firode

A screenwriter is forced to find an ending that ends well with his own story.

10 min - 2019 - France

Oscar Killed Me

a film by Laurent Firode

A fantastic and totally improbable story can hide a perfect plan to achieve one’s goals.

12 min - 2019 - France

Whatever it takes

a film by Pierre Amstutz Roch

Stéphane, jobless for a while, is willing to do anything to get a new job. Including killing his main (...)

15 minutes - 2019 - France / Switzerland


a film by Pierre Dugowson

A seven-year-old girl asks her broke mother for biscuits.Mustering her courage, she goes to a (...)

5 min - 2016 - France

The Lost Ones

a film by Maria Castillejo Carmen, Maëlle Grand Bossi et Elisabeth Silveiro

A supermarket at the end of the day. While a few customers are finishing their groceries, a hooded (...)

14 min - 2018 - France

It’s tight but it hardly chokes

a ilm by David P. Sañudo

Daniel goes to a job interview. If selected, he will be in charge of walking Siegfried, Cosme’s dog. But (...)

15 minutes - 2017 - Spain

Too Belgian for you

The Best of belgian comedy

Five award winning short films : Welkom, With Thelma, Kapitalistis, The Plumber and The Black Bear. (...)

Keep it Light

a film by Malika Pellicioli

Beibhinn, a young American, meets Côme during her trip in Europe. It’s love at first sight! But not only (...)

20 minutes - 2018 - Switzerland