a film by Fred Neuen

On New Year’s Day, Gabriel discovers a strange new tattoo… that turns out to be a countdown… What would you do?

« With Zero, we’ve tried to tell a simple story and create the suspense without the use of dialogues. As the camera underlines the emotions of Gabriel as he experiences his journey to unlock the secrets surrounding his new tattoo, the lens itself becomes a character in this short. » Fred Neuen

Fred Neuen
Director, scriptwriter, editor, TV presenter, Fred Neuen directed his first short film in 2007, a horror movie entitled "Vault", which pursues a great career in festivals (Fantasporto, Trieste, Milan, etc.). Since then, he has directed two documentaries and the making of for "Refractaires", a feature film released in 2009, as well as 5 short fiction films. "Zero" is his first collaboration with David Grumbach and PTD.