a film by Arnaud Gransagne

14 min - 2017 - France

Daniel is a criminal who has served his prison sentence in silence. At his release, believing to take his place again inside the wolfpack which garnered him in the past, he faces the harsh reality of this underworld : the power relations have changed and the boss’s death have stired up rivalries.

Arnaud Gransagne

Arnaud Gransagne begins his carreer in video and cinema production in 2012. He finds his strongest inspirations in korean esthetism, american fiction (Tarantino, Mann, Fincher, Grey…) and hispanic and belgian black comedy.

Its ambiances, characters, sound designs and photographies passionates him particularly.

Arnaud Gransagne expresses its cinematographic desires by different ways. He develops short films, web series and clips.


Directed by : Arnaud Gransagne
Produced by : End Of Line - Arnaud Gransagne
Cast : Malik Issolah, Olivier Chantreau, Lahcen Elmaouzi, Zoe Corraface