One Night

a film by Guillaume Caramelle

3 minutes - 2018 - France

For his birthday, Aurelien couldn’t have dreamt of a better night…

Guillaume Caramelle

Guillaume Caramelle is a young director and screenwriter who constantly scrutinizes society in order to translate it into an image.
His films tell his story, but more generally that of a dissolute youth in search of identity and meaning that is lost in the party and artificial paradises. Its purpose is not, however, simply to make an observation, but to probe the ways of our society and explore its limits in a resolutely modern tone that alternates between sarcasm and solemnity.

Guillaume likes to have strong aesthetic biases that he sharpens as much through fiction as the commercials he does.
At the age of 25, he directed his first short film, Not Just Another Night (Au Souvenir d’une lune), which follows a young graduate in prey to doubt who gets lost in the night.

Her second film, Nikki Marianne, a teenage movie with a removed humor, has been selected in many festivals in Europe and the United States.


Directed by : Guillaume Caramelle
Produced by : Polygone Video - Guillaume Caramelle
Cast : Dorcas Coppin, Baptiste Caillaud, Mikaël Alhawi