a film by Thomas Kruithof

15 min - 2013 - France

Mathilde works in a Detention Center, where she helps illegal immigrants exercise their rights. Comes Yuri, an undocumented Ukrainian. Mathilde is going to do everything she can to save Yuri from deportation. But time is running out.

Thomas Kruithof
Thomas Kruithof lives in Paris. Undocumented, written with Alice Bougenot, is his first short film.

24 25 Films
Since 2004, 24 25 Productions produces feature films (La Clinique de L’Amour, with Artus de Penguern), short films (Undocumented, by Thomas Kruithof, The Piano Tuner, by Olivier Treiner...) as well as corporate films, commercials, teasers and short programs.


Directed by: Thomas Kruithof
Written by: Thomas Kruithof & Alice Bougenot
Produced by: Thibault Gast & Matthias Weber - 24 25 Films
Cast: Anne Azoulay, Miglen Mirtchev