Café Frappé !

a film by Bertrand de Fürst and Jean-Baptiste Dureau

11 min - 2016 - France

Sophie, a girl, newly-graduated collecting casual jobs for lack of anything better, finds herself, because of a misunderstanding, in a face-to-face meeting with a well known actor in a Parisian coffee. The actor having decided to direct his first movie thinks of auditioning a "well connected" actress imposed by the production.

Bertrand de Fürst

Coming from a scientific background, Bertrand has a position in the scientific research domain. Director of many amateur productions since he was a kid, he has always been attracted by art directing. Bertrand is currently considering shifting his career towards film directing. « Café Frappé ! », co-directed with Jean-Baptiste Dureau, is his first fiction film performed in professional conditions.

Jean-Baptiste Dureau

Video director for almost 10 years, Jean-Baptiste has always dreamed of taking the leap to fiction films. From writing to post-production, this first cinema project with « Café frappé! » has been a fulfilling and stimulating learning experience. Jean-Baptiste wishes to share this film, co-directed with Bertrand de Fürst, with the greatest number of people.


Directed by : Bertrand de Fürst and Jean-Baptiste Dureau
Produced by : Bertrand de Fürst and Jean-Baptiste Dureau
Cast : Sophie de Fürst, Bartholomew Boutellis, Clemence Janoray, Augustin Boyer, Amelie Chavaudra, Yann Robert, Juliet Lemonnier