a film by Virginie Schwartz

14 minutes - 2013 - France

Léo and Victor are two very close friends. They share their memories, events they went through and the choices that have led them to this last confrontation. More than an discussion between two friends, the movie brings us back to a crucial time of the french history..

Virginie Schwartz
Virginie Schwartz first started her career as a journalist and reporter on a variety of TV shows. In 2007, she tooks up a new challenge and decided to work in the fiction industry. As line producer, she has developed TV series (police, drama series) and TV movies (comedy, thriller).
In 2012, she started to develop projects for the cinema. She wrote a feature movie for which she had a CNC’s grant. In 2013, she directed her first movie: a 14 minutes short called «Remember ? » with Johan Libéreau and Pierre Perrier, selected in a few festivals around the world.
She is also photographer after three years studing in the prestigious school of Les Beaux Arts.


Directed by: Virginie Schwartz
Produced by: 
David C. Barrot - Totally Prod
Cast: Johan Libéreau, Pierre Perrier