The Zapperz

a film by Robin Barrière

4 min - 2020 - France

If you knew what THEY do at home at night while you sleep ... These are "The Zapperz"! A short film which mixes filmed background and cgi cartoon characters, where you will finally discover WHO make your socks disappear ...

Awards & Festivals:
Festival « Tu vas faire un film 2 » - en phase finale parmi 580 films – mention spéciale du Jury


Written and directed by: Robin Barrière
Cast: Benoît Saidlitz - Timothée Laporte - Robin Barrière
Yvonnick Muller - Lauriane Escaffre - Saul & Ora
Production: HappyGrumble Productions
Image: Maxime Rey-Camet
Sound: Cyril Legrain
Editor: Robin Barrière