The Wigs Gang

a film by Anthony Lemaitre

12 min - 2013 - France

On Christmas day, 3 suburban young men are up to something big: they need to get the maximum amount of money for their vacations in the sun. However, nothing is going to happen according to the plan...

Anthony Lemaitre
Anthony Lemaitre is both actor and screenwriter. He recently directed the webseries "Authentik" with great success. "The Wigs Gang" has been made following the same intention: speaking about suburb with humour and a light-hearted and genuine approach.

Ciné Qua Non
Ciné Qua Non Production is a student association that follows each year a young filmmaker in the funding and making of a short film, selected by a screenplay contest. Each June, the film is screened at the Nouveaux Cinémas festival which organizes the contest. Some of the produced short films have been shown at Clermont-Ferrand and Cannes.


Directed by: Anthony Lemaitre
Produced by: Louise Bernard & Jean-Eudes Durand - Ciné Qua Non
Cast: Ichem Saibi, Anthony Lemaitre, Ouissem Kazdar