The Warehouse

a film by Stephen Bigot

7 minutes - 2017 - France

Mary has gone missing for a few days. The young woman is slightly marginal, and this does not make things easy for the 3-cop team conducting the investigation. They question Old Sam, hoping to discover some interesting clues...

Stephen Bigot

Creative since very young and passionate by the fantasy world especially by the books of Stephen King and Graham Masterton, Stephen Bigot choses the direction of producing films ten years ago. He is writing and directed many fiction movies and publicity for tv and internet. His taste for this kind of films and the beautiful atmospheres is what lead him to produce The Warehouse.


Directed by : Stephen Bigot
Produced by : Castela Prod - Stephen Bigot
Cast : David Salles, Patrick Rocca, Pauline Bression, Jean Fornerod, Clément Naslin et Jean-Stéphane Guéret