The Quiche

a film by Odile d’Oultremont

12 min - 2015 - France / Belgium

With 4 votes ahead, Robert should have won the election. It was mathematics. But he lost it, he missed it by one voice. Who did not vote for Robert? His wife? His mother? His father?
From accusations to suspicions, the search for truth causes a real family drama.

Odile d’Oultremont
Odile d’Oultremont was born and grew up in Brussels. She started studying Near and Middle East History in Brussels and then has continued in London’s University (SOAS) for 3 years

On his return to Belgium, she worked as a redactional coordinator in a publishing house and then as a Marketing and Communication’s Manager for a ready-to-wear brand. At the same time, she wrote "File dans ta chambre", a daily broadcasted TV show on France 2. She then dedicated herself only on writing:

She was appointed as a Collection Director for a France 2 short short program on which she was a writer too for 2 years. She then joined several Tv show writing projects for Canal + and M6. In 2014, she wrote and directed her first short film, shot in 2015: The Quiche.


Directed by : Odile d’Oultremont
Produced by: Liaison Cinématographique - Artémis Productions
Cast : André Dussolier, Julie Ferrier, Stéphane De Groodt, Michèle Moretti, Pascal Demolon