The Oracle

a film by Nan Feix

15 min - 2015 - France

Dave, 35-year-old, has just committed a murder. On the run, he arrives in a village where from he cannot escape as long as he will not have redeemed himself. He is stuck in a parallel world, where only the Oracle can give him the right to leave the village.

Nan Feix
NAN is a polymorphous and experienced director. From one film to the other, from advertising to music video, documentary to fiction, and any kind of genre he has acquired the faculty of working very quickly, adapting to emergencies, without ever giving up on producing images of a rare quality.

Currently represented in France by 75 for commercials, NAN has directed numerous spots for Nike, Ikea, Orange, KFC, Adidas, Foot Locker, and many more.

Drawing from his background in narrative/long form documentary film making, NAN’s commercial work delivers powerful, authentic lifestyle imagery that strives to capture true human emotions and feelings. The truthfulness of a look, the singularity of a gesture or the rarity of a moment are consistent elements throughout his work.

NAN’s background as a DOP has a profound effect on his consistent visual style. He actually frames most of the film he directs. Each shot is a perfect balance between meaning and emotion, elegance and poetry, energy and authenticity.

Among NAN’s documentary projects are DREAM, a feature length documentary about the St. Louis Rams and UNCLAIMED, the odd story about the travels of a suitcase which belonged to Marilyn Monroe. He also has several feature films and TV series projects in development.


Directed by: Nan Feix
Produced by: Soixan7e Quin5e & Affreux, Sales & Méchants
Cast: Eric Satterberg, Isabel Jones, William Hodges