The Endless Days

a film by Philippe Grenier

15 min - 2016 - Canada

Isolated in a secluded country house, Simon challenges his mother’s authority and confronts the norms. His behavior rubs off on his younger brother Colin, a sensitive boy longing for a father figure. In order to keep Simon from running away, Colin orchestrates a perilous plan.

Philippe Grenier

Entertaining a passion for cinema, Philippe is renowned for his highly developed estheticism, his sleek images and very definite atmospheres. Committed artist, screenwriter, director and editor, Philippe just signed a contract with Mile Inn, Attraction Images’ brand new ad production studio. This production giant discovered Philippe mostly for his clip “Gun Bless America”, created with the comedian Virginie Fortin as well as music composer Jean-Sébastien Houle. This video is a satirical clip about United States gun laws that got a fair amount of coverage in the media community.


Directed by : Philippe Grenier
Produced by: Achromatic Media - Evren Boisjoli and Philippe Grenier
Cast : William Coallier, Antoine L’Écuyer, Martine Francke, Anthony Therrien