The Elliott Waves

a film by Pascal Hintablian

21 min - 2016 - France

The international bank IAB is strucked by the biggest fraud in its history. The trader Ivar Kreuger is designated guilty of this colossal fraud. Inspector Paul Walburg has one night to investigate before this huge financial scandal will be public.

Pascal Hintablian
Since twenty years, Pascal Hintablian has made several films: reports, institutional films, video clips and fictions. He has produced, written and directed three short films: "Samson et Conan", "Security Life" and The Elliott Waves. He is writing two feature films a thriller in the Hamlet universe and a drama about the Armenian genocide and the contemporary Turkey.


Directed by : Pascal Hintablian
Produced by : You Know What Productions - Pascal Hintablian
Cast : Stefan Godin, Max Geller, Hélène Degy, François Levantal