The Bra

a film by Laurent Firode

15 minutes - 2017 - France

November 2015, the government asks citizens to flaunt their balconies with a French flag to pay tribute to the victims of the terrorist attacks.
This can sometimes have unexpected consequences.

Laurent Firode

After studying Chinese, Laurent Firode filmed his first short film, La Mort du Chanteur de Mexico, in 1993. The film won a great success in the festivals and allowed him to make his debut feature Le Battement d’ailes du papillon with Audrey Tautou. After an experience in Canada with an English-language film, My First Wedding, he returned to France where he toured with Johnny Hallyday Quartier VIP, and then wrote and directed several television films, including La Pomme de Newton for Arte, Award for best screenplay at the Festival de la fiction TV in Saint-Tropez. In 2012, he returns to the cinema with Par amour.


Directed by : Laurent Firode
Produced by : Nicolas Lesoult - Les Films de la Butte
Cast : David Mora, Juliette Tresanini, Elma Bouthors, Julien Jacob, Badis Behi