The Birds’ Blessing

a film by Serge Mirzabekiantz

22 min - 2013 - Belgium

A mansion at the edge of the forest.
Eleven-year-old Albert and his thirteen-year-old brother Edgar are in constant confrontation.
It is the day of the traditional family hunt.
One of the brothers has the privilege of using their deceased grandfather’s shotgun.
A new duel begins between the two young men.

Serge Mirzabekiantz
Serge Mirzabekiantz was born in Etterbeek on the 22nd of March 1975.
In 1993 he enters the Université Catholique de Louvain where he studies pharmaceutical sciences. He graduated in 1998 as a chemist.
Since 1995, he’s engaged in the projects of La Compagnie Acte II Scène I, an amateur theatre company, directed by the belgian actor Anne Beaupain.
In 1999, he enters the Institut des Arts de Diffusion (IAD) where he makes his graduation film : « LOIN DES YEUX » (2003). He has since directed two short films: "ONE" in 2007, and "The Birds’ Blessing" in 2013. He is currently working on his first feature, "The Black Heart of the Forests".

Created in 2002 by Anthony Rey, Hélicotronc is an independent company that produces short and full-length fiction and documentary films. In conjunction with a group of creative directors, it develops authors’ projects on a wide variety of topics. It also takes part in the coproduction and executive production of foreign feature films and TV films shot in Belgium. To this day, Anthony has produced more than 20 short films.


Directed by: Serge Mirzabekiantz
Produced by: Anthony Rey - Hélicotronc
Cast: Alexis Lalmand, Lucas Moreau, Eric de Staercke