The Advisor

a film by Elisabet Llado

18 min - 2013 - Belgium

An ambitious young banker and a farmer looking to expand his family farm find themselves locked in battle against the backdrop of the economic crisis.

Elisabet Llado
Elisabet Lladó was born in Barcelona in 1980. She moved to Belgium in 2002 where she studied film directing at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion (IAD). Her graduate film, "Kasia", was presented in competition in the Cinéfondation programme at Cannes 2009 and went on to win many awards.

It was while working as first assistant on Marie France Collard’s "Moissons de la Faim" that she encountered many farmers and saw first hand the challenges that they face. These encounters inspired "The Advisor".

Iota Production
Since the creation in 2000, Iota Production produced more than thirty documentary films (portrait, society question, identity, autobiographic film, investigation...). By keeping a particular attention to documentaries, the society open itself to young filmmakers and fiction films. In 2006, Iota Production has produced two short films and four other short films were produced in 2008. In 2010 they produced a first feature film « She’s not crying, she’s singing » by Philippe de Pierpont. Today, several fiction films and documentaries are in development.
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Directed by: Elisabet Llado
Produced by: Isabelle Truc - Iota Production
Cast: Benoît PIRET, Fabrice ADDE, Jean-Benoît UGEUX