Swinging Shrink

a film by Adrien François

9 min - 2014 - Belgium

It is Tuesday, the traditional day for Doctor Freybach to see new patients. For him, Psychologist, it is always the same problems but different people. After all, it is the usual Tuesday. At least, this is what he thinks.

Adrien François
Adrien François is a young Belgian filmmaker from Liège. He has directed 7 short film to date, including "Swinging Shrink" and "Sacré Charlemagne".


Directed by: Adrien François
Produced by: Antoine Laloux, Short Attacks Productions, Mellow 9 Productions & Cinélabel Films
Cast: Julien Courbey, Emmanuelle Galabru, Senso Nzuzi, Renaud Rutten