Summer Night Sky

a film by Can Eskinazi

17 min - 2014 - Turkey

Two friends run into each other in a warm summer night. Having missed the bus, they decide to hitch a ride.

Can Eskinazi
Born in İzmir, 1986. His first short, “The Phantom Behind”, was screened at New York NewFilmmakers and !f Istanbul. His experimental works have screened in Austin, Buffalo and Istanbul. Can’s writings on cinema were published in Film Comment and Altyazı Film Journal. Can is also directing Altyazı’s "Izliyorum" web series.

Kamara Films
Kamara Films is a new production company based in Istanbul. They produce commercials, short fiction films.
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Directed by: Can Eskinazi
Produced by: Yoel Meranda - Kamara Films
Cast: Engin Emre Değer, Murat Mahmutyazıcıoğlu