a film by Spook & Gloom

12 minutes - 2016 - France

It’s night-time. Brenda, a pretty young woman, is in bed. Suddenly, the light goes out. Using the light from her phone, Brenda crosses the house looking for the circuit breaker. But something stands there, lurking in the darkness.

Spook & Gloom

Emma Spook and Gil Gloom are two self-taught directors. Fond of subversive, baroque and wacky cinema; they inject black crazy magic they grew up with in their cinematographic objects. If they assume their penchant for Sam Raimi, John Carpenter and Tim Burton’s films, they love Billy Wilder, Charlie Chaplin and Woody Allen as well. They mix Horror, Fantasy and Comedy in their films.


Directed by : Spook & Gloom
Produced by : Spook & Gloom Films
Cast : David Mora, Leslie Mahler, David Zella, Yvan Delatour, Héloïse Lecouvey