a film by Christophe Deroo

8 min - 2012 - France

Stanley is a smart and imaginative 10 years old boy.The evening of Halloween he persuade his friend Mickey to enter in their elementary school, convince that the guardian hide a monster. Equipped with weapons «home made» this two kids are going to try to prove the existence of this creature.

Christophe Deroo
Since childhood immersed in cinema, sometimes in apnea, Christophe Deroo escapes the everyday life of a suburban adolescence.
Too big to be unnoticed, he develop a dark and nostalgic imagination nourished by references to fantastic literature, comics and genre films.
Sometimes behind a curtain of lightness, his short films are mainly a way to a dangerous and twilight earth. We were also able to appreciate the work of Christophe as head operator in video-clip or advertising, but also in collaborations with Michel Gondry.
Skom is the immersed part of a much larger film project. Shooting it is the first step toward that direction that Christophe wants to follow - like all the ones that have something to tell - no matter what.


Cast : Gabin Lefevbre, Jules Lelièvre, Alexandre Marouani, Julie Geille
Directed by : Christophe Deroo
Written by : Christophe Deroo
Cinematography : Amida Belgharbi
Sound : Raphael Corbier, Charles Gregoire, Valentin Defillipo
Production : Katya Mokolo, Solal Micenmacher (Diggin Production)
Editor : Camille Guyot
Sound Editor : David Amsalem
Music : Amaury Chabauty