Black Ring

a film by Hasan Can Dağlı

15 minutes - 2016 - Turkey

A group of people organizes a special event in an abandoned mansion. Soon with the arrival of guests, things will change.

Hasan Can Dağlı

Hasan Can Dağlı was born on 1987, in Istanbul, Turkey. While studying political science in university he developed passion into Films. Later he graduated with an MPS degree in Directing from School of Visual Arts, New York, USA (2010), after he went back to Istanbul and completed a MA in Cinema Studies at the Marmara University, Istanbul (2012).


Directed by : Hasan Can Dağlı
Produced by : Blahfilms - Hasan Can Dağlı
Cast : Turgay Doğan, Dounia Jauneaud, Tolga Akman, Sait Erol, Yuce Eser, Serdar Aras