Shot Fired

a film by Pierre André Gilard

7 min - 2018 - France

At the end of a lunch in a big restaurant, a father talks to his son about education but this son does not agree with his father.

Awards and Festivals:
Best Drama - Independent Shorts Awards (Los Angeles)
Short Film Festival of Velizy (France) - in competition
Manhattan Film Festival (USA) - in competition
International Feedback Film & Screenplay Festival (Canada) - in competition


Cast : Charotte Bentz, Olivier Marchal, Pierre André Gilard, Massimiliano Belsito, Thibault Segouin
Directed by : Pierre André Gilard
Written by : Pierre André Gilard
Cinematography : Olivier Mandrin
Sound : Cale son & Yoann Antonti
Production : Vincent Vermandel (Little Big Man Production)
Editor : Vincent Vermandel