Still Fighting

A film by Arthur Lecouturier

Whatever the risks, Polina has travelled across Europe to get her daughter back. Arriving in Belgium, gun in hand, she discovers a peaceful family scene, a loving father and a well-behaved child. Destabilised, can Polina still trust her intuition?


Written and directed by: Arthur Lecouturier
Cast: Regina Bikkinina (Polina), Michelangelo Marchese (Nicolass), Théa de Boeck (Viktoria)
Production: Iota Production (Isabelle Truc) & La Ravageuse Saga (Sara Dufossé)
DOP: Charlotte Marchal
Set designer: Maia Anastasiou
Editing: Nicolas Bier
Sound Editing: Lancelot Herve-Mignucci
Sound mix: Emmanuel De Boissieu
Composer: Liesa Van Der Aa