a film by Aurélia Dury

15 min - 2019 - France

During a heatwave, Adrien, in his early forties, is clearing out his recently deceased father’s house, with the help of his wife, Isabelle. Compelled to clear out his father’s personal belongings, Adrien is reminded of his past and the distance that has grown between the two men over the years. Whilst attempting to escape the oppressing environment for a few moments in the estate’s grounds, he receives an unexpected visit from a mysterious young women, Emily, whose car has broken down near the family’s home. He invites her inside. Isabelle suggests she use the upstairs bathroom to freshen up. Adrien, some what troubled by the young stranger, questions her uneasy presence and failing to see her come back down, discovers she has disappeared inside the house.


Cats : Aurélia Poirier, Loïc Varraut, Clémentine Verdier
Directed byu : Aurélia Dury
Written by : Aurélia Dury
Cinematography : Mehdi Natech
Sound : Alexandre Perrier
Production : Victor Bocsh et Jean-Pierre Lagrange
Editor : Sandra Sauron