a film by Veera Laminpää

13 minutes - 2018 - Finland

An overconfident chef makes wrong accusations of sabotage when a critic praises his colleague instead of him. The chef stays overnight in the kitchen to prove his work is perfect, but as the night goes on his ego and self-doubt begin to haunt him.

Veera Laminpää

Veera is a writer, director and a part-time suffering artist. After recently acquiring a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Media, she now works for a Helsinki-based production company in Finland. As the unofficial sauna champion of her graduating class, Veera is ready to defend her title against anyone who says they can take more heat than her.


Directed by : Veera Laminpää
Produced by : Pertti Näränen - Tamperee University of Applied Sciences
Cast : Tatu Sinisalo, Salla Kozma, Mika Melender, Teuvo Matala, Mikko Kauppila, Mika Rättö, Janina Berman