On Reflection

a film by Renaud Philipps

The casting which Anna goes to today takes place as the majority of them, it is a disaster. It is a pity her sick shyness prevents her from living the life which she would want. Furious, she scolds herself in the mirror and her reflection answers her! Not being able to any more reflect a idiot, she decides to coach her so that she manages finally to be a stronger person. Life is a jungle, Anna is going to have to come down in the arena, fight to make to succeed!

« On Reflection is a fantasy-comedy, which deals with the relationship we have with our own appearance, with a light and funny tone. » Renaud Philipps

Selections in Mamers, Concours de courts – Toulouse, Short Shorts – Tokyo, Art Kurz, Court-métrange, etc…

Renaud Philipps
Director, editor, 1st assistant, actor and cameraman all in one, for his own movies or for other projects, Renaud Philipps discovers during within a few years years music videos, corporate movies, documentaries, concert filming and more. In 1995, he enters Sparx, an animation and computer animated imaging studio that was just created in Paris. There, he learns compositing and special effects supervision. In 2003, after 8 years and more than 500 advertisements and feature films or music videos, Renaud goes back to direction with a computerized image video clip (« Space Hotel ») then follows with the writing and directing of « Rien de grave », a short film with Jean Dujardin, which gets a lot of awards all over the world. (Tokyo, Montreal, Richmond, Paris, Alpes d’Huez...)

Claire Espagno began her career in charge of international sales and marketing, before moving into film production. At the same time, she writes screenplays for animated series. Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of the productions and development at Xilam since 2010, she also created her own film production company, Songes (“Dreams”).

20 min - 2011- France


  • with Delphine Rivière, Elise Larnicol, Philippe Benard, Shirley Bousquet, Bruno Lochet, Søren Prévost, Artus de Penguern.
  • Produced by Claire Espagno - Songes.