a film by Jessica Palud

13 min - 2016 - France

Every night, Dolly goes on dating site to finally find love. After a conversation with a stranger, the young woman crosses the line and goes at his home in the middle of the night. Like ever ytime she believes.

Jessica Palud

Jessica Palud was born in Paris on the 7th of March 1982.

Jessica Palud begins her career as an assistant director in 2003, on films like Innocents - The Dreamers directed by the Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci, or Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola. She collaborates then on several feature films, including Je Vais bien ne t’en fais pas (2006), Welcome (2006), or Toutes Nos envies by the French director Phlippe Lioret. She also collaborates with Éric Lartigau on his film "L’Homme qui voulait vivre sa vie". She writes, directs and auto-produces her first feature film in 2012: "Les Yeux fermés" released in theaters in May 2013. She works on the adaption of the novel "L’Amour sans le faire" by Serge Joncour.


Directed by : Jessica Palud
Produced by : Lucas Tothe & Sylvain Lagrillère - Punchline Cinéma
Cast : Jeanne Rosa, Virgile Bramly