A film by Denis Larzillière

Mia, a young woman learns a terrible news while meeting Tom as she enters his car thinking he is her Uber driver. The two strangers then embark into a night between parenthesis. As if they had pressed pause on reality.

Denis Larzillière
Denis Larzillière is a film director, teacher at CEFPF and an actor. Since 2013 he has directed music videos, short features ("Parenthèse" in 2019), series ("Modasses" in 2015, "Le Pitch à Denis", "En chien" s1 and 2) and documentaries ("À la recherche du premier Boulard" for OCS). He currently works on his first long feature as well as several projects of series. He won thest prize at Festival Prototype vidéo for 56 PESOS as well as Rio Web Fest Prize at Marseille WebFest and best editing and French Touch Prize at the London Short Series for his series "En Chien".

2021 :
Selected to the Festival Cours Charlie Courts (France).
2020 :
Selected to the 9e Festival Eurydice (France).
Selected to the Richmond French Film Festival (USA).
Selected to the Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival (USA).


Directed by : Denis Larzillière
Written by : Maud Givert
Director of photography : Adrien Lachappelle
Production : Da Prod
Producers : Denis Larzillière, Maud Givert et Jeremy Sahel
Sound Engineer : Alban Lejeune
Editor : Denis Larzillière
Mix : Antoine Caracci
Make up : Agathe Zuliani
Graphism : Azel Phara
Color Grading : Nicolas Lossec
Cathering : Jules Diassé