Old as the world

a film by Hubert Fiasse & Carlos Gerardo Garcia

11 min - 2013 - Belgium

Infidelity... does that talk to you?
Maybe you can tell us about it?

Hubert Fiasse
Hubert Fiasse graduated in 2003 from the INRACI in Brussels. Right after his studies, he created Quizas, a production company for documentaries and short fiction films. To this day, he directed 9 short films, including "Old as the world" with Carlos Gerardo Garcia. He’s currently developing his next project.

Carlos Gerardo Garcia
The director of two documentaries shot in Mexico, Carlos Gerardo Garcia is also a Director of Photography as well as an editor.

Quizas is a production company based in Brussels, and that develops, documentaries, fictions & corporate movies. Their choices of projects and movies are carried by the curiosity and the desire to discover new fields, mainly centered around the social and human problems, in Belgium and all over the world. Through singular points of view of authors-directors, Quizas’ productions bring tracks of answer to a certain number of problems, and hope to create a debate by confronting the points of view.
More info at http://www.quizas.org/


Directed by: Hubert Fiasse & Carlos Gerardo Garcia
Produced by: Quizas, Mezquite & Off-courts
Cast: all the people who accepted to answer!