Nacht Wald

a film by Mali Arun

20 min - 2019 - France

Ten-year-old Edmund has lived in the middle of the forest with his family since birth. One day, he hears a thumping noise, crossing the infinite sky with a line.
At night, a white light filters in the distance, beyond these trees that he thought were the end of the world...

Mali Arun
After studying in schools of fine arts in Brussels, Paris and Tianjin, Mali’s audiovisual work combines the world of cinema with contemporary art. Floating between fiction, documentary film and installation, her work examines the space along edges, in motion, and in conflicts. It examines the way in which humans transform space and landscape into territory by building homes on it, corridors for traffic, and borders. She also uses her work to study the body, its geographies, its motions, its desires.


Cast : Night Le Goaster, Odine Johne, Grégoire Colin
Production : La Ruche Productions, Laïdak Films
Directed by : Mali Arun
Written with : Sébastien Ors, Emma Degoutte, Laura Townsend, Etienne Ement
Script : Léa Hibert
Cinematography : Thomas Ozoux
Sound : Romain Cadilhac
Editor : Emmanuel Manzanno
Sound Editor : Damien Trochont
Mix : Xavier Thieulin
Music : Grégoire Letouvet