a film by Vincent De Oliveira

7 minutes - 2016 - France

Sylvain has the head in the stars. Carlo has his feet on the ground. Carlo and Sylvain are more than friends, they are brothers. Carlo embraces Sylvain’s craziest projects, by friendship, but without believing in it.

Vincent De Oliveira

Vincent is a young and passionate/enthusiast director and author. After applied art studies, he joined the ESRA.

His first short film, I am a moustache, won the Canal + Award of the 5th Nikon Festival. Following it, he has written his second short film, Moune, for Canal +, produced by Brainworks.

He likes to stage crazy and offset universes, keeping up, in his films, the exploration of fraternal relationships, based on a mutual acceptance despite significant differences.

He has also written two feature films scripts and ended as finalist of the last Audi Talents Award.
His pen is already acknowledged by the edition as his first novel, The Big Whale, has been published in October by the Autrement Editions.

He received two subventions in 2017 : the Nouveaux Médias CNC bourse, and the Webserie SACD’s one. Thanks to the latter, he is currently developing a 10 x 10 minutes series with Brainworks for France Télévisions.


Directed by : Vincent De Oliveira
Produced by : Brainworks
Cast : Arthur Dagallier, Sophie De Fürst, Loïc Montsarrat