Moonlight Serenade

A film by Laurent Firode

Juliet reads in her horoscope that a childhood sweetheart could reappear.

Laurent Firode
After Chinese language studies, Laurent Firode shoots his first short film "the Death of the Singer from Mexico" in 1993. Its success in festivals allows him to pursue his career and shoot several other short films. In 1998, he directs his first feature, "le Battement d’aile du Papillon" with Audrey Tautou. After directing "My first Wedding" in Canada and in English, he comes back to france where he writes and directs for TV, for example "La Pomme de Newton" (Arte), Best screenplay at St Tropez. In 2012, he directs another feature, "Par Amour".

Awards and Festivals:

Special Jury Mention - Les Hérault du Cinéma (France)

In Competition:

Séquence Court Métrage (France)
Festival du Court-Métrage d’Humour de Meudon (France)
Les Hérault du Cinéma (France)


Directed by: Laurent Firode
Produced by: Didier Dupic, La Moulinette
Cast: Irène Ismaïloff, Bruno Forget, Juliette Tresanini