a film by François Troukens

11 min - 2016 - Belgium

Following a failed hold-up, an experienced gangster takes charge of things and dictates the rules of the game to two young hoods. Faced with death, one of them risks his life by trying to rebel.

François Troukens
François Troukens is a Belgian media personality. A writer-director, but also a comic strip writer and host of a TV magazine focusing on legal matters. A former underworld figure, since his release from jail he has embarked upon a large-scale reflection on the prison world and opportunities for rehabilitation via his charity group Chrysalibre.

The former gangster is now bringing his experience and passion for writing to the direction of his films.
In jail, he wrote the screenplay for his first short film, MOBSTERS, that he directed on his release in 2015, produced by Versus Production.
While behind bars, he also completed the screenplay of his feature film, ABOVE THE LAWS, currently developing it with Versus Production and that he will co-direct it in 2016 with Jean-François Hensgens, director of photography notably on the most recent films by Joachim Lafosse.


Directed by: François Troukens
Produced by: Versus Production
Cast: Slimane Dazi, Paul Bartel, Lucie Debay